Analysis of Utah Landforms

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Course Schedule and Topics -- Note... this is from 2010... so there will be a few changes. Use the handouts from class sessions.

LINK to lecture of First Session

Bring Hamblin textbook to all pre-excursion sessions.

LINK to GLOSSARY FORM and Glossary Blocks

LINK to Twenties FORM







Action Item





Course overview; Methods for analyzing Utah landforms - 4 Steps to Success

Step #1 of 4 steps
Observe the scene




Materials and Utah landforms; Bedrock vs. sediment; the rock cycle; Interpret: older than, younger than

Step #2 Identify materials of landscape




Discrete landforms; erosional remnants versus depositional features; Agents of geomorphic change

Step #3 Identify discrete landforms




Geomorphic processes; TECTONICS sets the scene; Utah’s 3 physiographic provinces

Step #4 Interpret landform process,
Compare regions
Form groups




Glossary term presentations

Practice 20
Groups choose major field stops




Glossary term presentations

First 20
Discuss Equipment




Glossary term presentations
Groups meet with instructors

Second 20
Contact Information





Glossary term presentations
Groups meet with instructors

Third 20
Bring check or cash to pay for field expenses




Glossary term presentations
Groups meet with instructors

Fourth 20
Groups decide on food and schedule expeditions for it



Drivers Training – Mandatory!!

Excursion reports and glossary terms due





Field Excursion






No Class





Review for Exam

Bring your field notebook and Hamblin





Post-Field Exam

Field worksheets (twenties) due





No Class


*Note that the above schedule is subject to change.


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