Geography of Utah

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This page has some images and files that students may find helpful for their Atlas for a Utah School Project.

Source for additional maps about Utah:

For ATLAS CHAPTER 01 - LOCATION. Downloads ...

AtlasCh02-LANDMARKS -Downloads ... or... Ch02-MightWorkForYouDownloads




Files about GEOSPHERE RIDD-Landforms Map of Utah ; STERNER-DEM-ReliefMapUtah ; and... highly recommended, go to the Learning module on Counties and include one of those amazing images from Bowen

Ch04-an image from your county's website of some spectacular scenery (give credit for photo). Physiographic provinces are based on LANDFORMS... so think landforms. scenery and resources -- . UTAH RESOURCES

Energy; Coal; Gas; Oil; Oil shale; Geothermal; Metals; Phosphates; Potash and Evaporites; Uranium;


Files about Water, Utah's HYDROSPHERE. Required: Map of the regions of Utah based on the hydrosphere - surface water drainage LINK Attribution: Atlas of Utah, 1981, by Weber State College:

Required: Some info from the water plan specific to your comunity / county ... How to find which water plan to use? Here's the LINK to the Utah water plan MAP (and, optional, LINK to the plan, From there, look up the regions and then... here's the LINK to the individual water plans:


Files about Weather, climate and the Atmosphere subsystem of Earth systems -- past, present, future

download:Attribution: Atlas of Utah, 1986, Weber State College, p.55. Or equivalent.


FOR SECTION 001 only... not section 090-- Yes, this will be confusing, but it's meant to be helpful. For GEOG3600-Section001... watch for the announcement of what day we'll walk it out... very weather dependent OR you can join the Saturday Feb 7 walk. For GEOG3600-Section090, the walking field trip is scheduled 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM northwest corner of campus... so by noon back to OSH. Please be to the parking lot of OSH by 9:15 AM. Here's information for you. DOWNLOAD, read, print, and sign the waiver and bring it for the trip WAIVER. Also a LINK to y2011 handout. No need to print it out, I will bring hardcopy for you. If you have colored pencils, it helps to have 3 colors... but I will have extra pencils for you. Please review LM07, 08, 09. Wear sensible clothing, 'specially good walking shoes. We'll walk the trip rain or shine, because I know you need certainty on when the trip will be run. Safety first! If you think you'll be on the walk, I'd appreciate your emailing me. It's not a commitment, it helps me plan.

IF you want some of the images from the Hazards Excursion Handout - here they are: LINK to:Google Earth image of our route and fault trend; LINK to image of Fault Line Park block with squares to color; LINK to topo map showing relief across fault scarp; LINK to map of fault from USGS publication Personius;

Files that may be helpful for UTAH's biosphere... and associated, probable, impacts on Utah's early peoples. JPG FORMAT SEEMS TO WORK BEST: EPA-ECOREGIONS Level IIII; and in pdf format, that may be too big: EPA - ECOREGIONS Level IIII pdf format ;

OPTIONAL BUT HELPFUL TO YOU... Key to map EPA Ecoregions level IIII chart; Optional EPA - ECOREGIONS Level III on Sterner base.

Helpful Download vis a vis Utah's Early Peoples-- Atlas of Utah (1981-WeberStateCollege) p75-AgriculturalIndianCultures. ... in your ____ atlas


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