Geography of Utah

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LINKS to list of data sources for soc/behav

GREAT NEWS... Marriott Library elinks go to ALL county histories... news from Barbara Cox, friendly helpful librarian... most are, she's extra:

We do host online copies of all these county histories for Utah State History Div on our serve

The link the student gives ... (Aaron... extra credit... )... is correct. 
Click on the title of the volume you want. The table of contents is on the left. Click the chapter you want and page through it using arrow keys on toolbar above text.

FOR PLACE NAMES: from Heidi Stringham, Reference Staff of Utah State Archives and Utah State History, 300 So Rio Grande.

Here is a link to the Utah Place Names book: Not all of the pages are included because the book is still under copyright.
There is also the USGS GNIS site:
Although, this site doesn't have the history behind the names.
Here is a link to a Wikipedia article listing cities and towns in Utah: It doesn't have a list of historic/ghost towns of Utah.
Here is the link to the Glossary of Utah Terms: This by all means is not complete. It is derived from Van Cott's book.

FOR DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS - 2010 Pam Perlich powerpoint. From Pam Perlich, for demographic information about Salt Lake City: These are Census 2000 neighborhood profiles I developed for Salt Lake City (Neil Olson’s office):  Click on the tract numbers to the left, and you get a 58 page data profile. You can get to this page also by starting here: and clicking on “By Census Tract Number.”

Census geography (what is a tract???)  See page 25 of this document:

The larger set of resources is here:

Here is the census tract locator tool (type in address and get the tract):

APRIL 22, 2012 - Urban Environmental Geography - guest lecture - COASTAL PROCESSES





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