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Urban Environmental Geography

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Purpose of After Class Coaching. I hold after class coaching sessions to encourage you to communicate directly with me about what you don't quite understand. Some of you may be reluctant to call me and set up one-to-one coaching.

Schedule. Don't forget to take advantage of Thursday office hours . LAB COACHING after Wednesday's class and before Wednesday's class if you've emailed me and it works for us both....sometimes I can't meet before Wednesday.

Day - 2010 After Class Coaching - we can find computers if Rm 1110 is occupied.
1/20, Wednesday If you're stuck getting into Google Earth... e-mail me and we can meet just before class in Marriott 1110... or Thurs 1/14 as office hours at my office OSH172... or by appointment, see syllabus. Don't become overly frustrated with the software, it's a tool for the good stuff, urban environmental geography
1/27, Wednesday Google Earth. Geography basics - location
2/3, Wednesday Google Earth. Earth systems, subsystem of atmosphere.
2/10, Wednesday Weather maps, weather systems. Google Earth.
2/17, Wednesday See shorelines of Lake Bonneville from campus, if it isn't too hazy

2/22, Wednesday

More on tectonics. Learn the rock cycle... not easy but I am delighted to teach it. It's nifty to know, and important if you intend to become a professional in the Earth sciences
3/3, Wednesday

Walk outside and discuss landforms.

3/17 and following Wednesdays Good times to discuss urban hydrology case study ... how to find information


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