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Urban Environmental Geography

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SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES also of use for Geog/Envst5810

Under construction. Links to left are disfunctional... below are some links helpful for Spring Semester 2010..

FOR YEAR 2010 -- I link to Wikipedia and to Encyclopedia Britanica when I want information for the lab assignments -- or just to give a better lecture... or I just "google" a few key words. Here's info from an extraordinarily helpful librarian at Marriott Library on how to link to Encyclopedia Britanica... and other sources. ... Very helpful... both the sources and how to access them.

From Barbara Cox, Marriott Library.

We have Encyclopedia Britanica online

Also... a set of dictionaries from Oxford University Press that includes environmental volumes

Companion Encyclopedia of Geography

another one which might work for your global systems class is Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences        

Most of these are listed in our database list. How to access the database list?

Use drop-down menu "Select Database by Type"

Students need to be on campus when they access these or logon to campus network using one of the methods listed at "Off campus access" on our home page.


Note.. that url was so long I had to break it in two parts... so paste it as the address.

Let me know how it goes.

LINKS for year 2010 - ATLAS - map collections that may provide info about the communities you're studying.

PLEASE share suggestions for resource materials for this class including e-links. I'm particularly interested in websites with clear explanations of air pollution, water pollution, and Western U.S. storm patterns.

LINKS: How to read critically.


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