Table of Contents of Binder-Text for Earth Science Outside – Geologic History – Wasatch Front.

MATERIALS FOR SUMMER 2013 (will change minimally in 2014)

Note: This DRAFT material is under construction. It works well-enough for a hands-on course. Suggestions are appreciated. Use with professional courtesy, meaning, it’s fine to copy and reference these materials for your classroom use. Credit their primary source, much of which is ESE generated (e.g., source = accessed ___, 201x) but some of which is not (e.g., source = Hintze, 2005). Put differently, please do not give me credit for material that is not mine but use this material in your classrooms to share a love of Earth science with your students. 


Here’s a table that will give clues to what the workshop covers and access to workshop materials.


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Cover page for loose-leaf binder –


This graphic shows the diversity of the rock units on Utah’s land surface. It also has the key to “chapters” used in this course.  



MAJOR text, please read (don’t try to get every concept) by Tuesday class






We’ll march through this on Tuesday. Indeed, every county has had a different geologic past. Salt Lake County is The Most Complex. When you understand that the history is written in the rocks… you’ve made great strides.   






We’ll march through the principles on Monday, the first day of class. After this course, a teacher will be able to recognize relative age of rock units which have obvious layering and ones with distinctive cross-cut features.  


Field Experience info – Little Cottonwood Canyon

·       UTA parking log

·       GK Gilbert Park

 Not posted…

Practice seeing relationships




Field Experience info – Parleys …

·       Mouth of Parleys Canyon – Panorama (Atwood) and supporting documents primarily from USGS Crittenden.

·       UofU – Xsection of Wasatch Range – SLCounty by UofU for Sugarhouse Park

Thursday we identify relative ages of rock units seen right at the mouth of Parleys Canyon (south side along the bike path) and from afar at Sugarhouse Park.


Field Experience info - Herriman

Not posted

Challenging! Work out some of the age relationships of the Oquirrh Mountains seen from Herriman.