Table of Contents of Binder-Text for Earth Science Outside – Landforms – Wasatch Front.

MATERIALS FOR SUMMER 2013 (will change minimally in 2014)

Note: This DRAFT material is under construction. It works well-enough for a hands-on course. Suggestions are appreciated. Use with professional courtesy, meaning, it’s fine to copy and reference these materials for your classroom use. Credit their primary source, much of which is ESE generated (e.g., source = accessed ___, 201x) but some of which is not (e.g., source = Hintze, 2005). Put differently, please do not give me credit for material that is not mine but use this material in your classrooms to share a love of Earth science with your students. 


Here’s a table that will give clues to what the workshop covers and access to workshop materials.


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Working title

Purpose and clues to utility


Cover page for loose-leaf binder – Ridd-LandformsUT-8x11

Terrific map of landforms of Utah by Dr Ridd with Physiographic province boundaries by Atwood.


Narratives (content literacy stories) about the places where the workshop is taught

Your final project will be your work. Here are some ideas of how to tell the story of a few places in Salt Lake County. I look forward to yours.


Set of Maps

Basic maps of Utah, such as map of counties.


Loose-leaf Text – DRAFT – for days 1 – 3

Day 1 – Introduction – Landforms as a pathway to inquiry and Earth science

Day 2 – Tectonics

Day 3 – Water / Jordan River /GSL

We’ll march through much of this in class. Included are visuals I find useful in the translation of general principles to what we see along the Wasatch Front


Loose-leaf Text – DRAFT –

Day 5– Evidence of principles of erosion / deposition for the Wasatch Front.

We’ll review this material while at Brighton, a place where every landform experienced glacial processes. This section primarily is for reference and inspiration.


Field Trip Guide -- LINK to Cvr and Route

Use this with family, friends, whomever… and don’t hesitate to suggest that I narrate CDs for this field trip and transform it into a GPS geotour.