SUU Credit for ESE summer courses - 2016 – Earth Science Outside –


First you sign up on OnTrack and select university credit.

After the final session, you send your homework to me in the envelope provided in your looseleaf binder .


·       registration form, pdf format and

·       check for payment payable to SUU. $21

IF you choose to change to USOE credit or USOE recertification hours, that’s okay… just be clear.


SUU requires that I send in all forms/payments from all participants all at once with the grade sheet for the course. Here’s the plan:

SCHEDULE 2016: The Earth Science Outside courses are for Fall Semester 2016.

Have your homework, registration form, and check for payment to me by Nov 1 and I’ll submit all to SUU in time for Fall credit.… but don’t cut it close. I spend a significant part of November in Oregon so… send that envelope to me so I get it by Nov 1.


Here’s a link to the Registration Form. Print it out and, hard copy, fill out the information.

School year = 2016 – Fall semester

Credit (yes)

Make sure you sign the “signature” line.


Department = EDUC. 1 credit hour. G.Atwood = Instructor:

Earth Science Outside – Landforms Wasatch Front – EDUC 5220-382 for 1 credit, costing $21.00.

Earth Science Outside – Rocks Minerals Wasatch Front – EDUC 5215-382 for 1 credit, costing $21.00.

Earth Science Outside – Geologic History Wasatch Front– EDUC 5210-382 for 1 credit, costing $21.00


You can apply for an unofficial transcript via the following process LINK:


ADDITIONAL INFO f.y.i. … “Please remind the participants to complete everything on the form.  It is necessary for us to have the complete social security number, the birthdate, and the signature along with all the information on the form.  Please also make sure the payments are for the correct amount, and…check … is made out to SUU.  … We get registration forms every day that the participants have not completely filled out.  We cannot process the registration form/payment/grade until it is complete.  We often call the participants repeated times before we are able to get the information to complete the form.  Since the form is with other participant’s forms in the same class, we cannot process any of the forms for that class until the missing information is collected.  This means the processing of credit for all of the participants in the class is delayed.  Leilani Nautu, Ph.D.-- Director K12 Programs--  Southern Utah University (435)865-8081