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Wednesday, October 5

How to read a Tooele landscape.


Meet: Tooele School District headquarters

92 S. Lodestone Way,

Tooele, UT 84074

Tooele’s awesome geology!

Bedrock versus sediment; Evidence of Ice Age climate; Interpret relative age of geologic features.


Thursday, October 6

Ophir Canyon – Tectonics past

  LINK to get to AUDIO FILES..

Meet: at intersection of Highway 73 and Ophir Canyon Rd.

Carpool with stops to Ophir.

Ophir Canyon’s magnificent anticline!

Architecture of the Earth. Mountain building during dinosaur time scrunched the bedrock of Tooele County.


Wednesday, October 12

Tooele Valley – Tectonics today!


Meet: Grantsville Elementary

50 S Park Street, Grantsville, UT 84029

Extensional tectonics mean earthquakes!

Dance of tectonic plates; Evolution of the Basin and Range; Tooele’s evidence.


Thursday, October 13

Landforms and Tooele history

Meet: Settlement Canyon Elementary

935 W Timpie Rd, Tooele, UT 84074

This is the place? Landforms and pioneer heritage.

Erosion and deposition. Canyons, alluvial fans and deltas. Landscape evolution and heritage.


Wednesday, October 19

Fossils, minerals, rocks and heritage

Meet: Stockton Town Hall parking area

18 N Johnson St, Stockton, UT 84071

Carpool and drive to fossil locale

What made Colonel Connor look for riches?

Minerals are the building blocks of rocks, and of society. Fossils tell about Utah long ago.


No session Thursday October 20 (UEA)




Wednesday, October 26

What’s there to see?


Meet: Vernon Elementary

Vernon, UT 84080

Every Tooele place has deep history!

Tie landforms and features to a sense of place.

Sheepcreek Mountains. Lake Bonneville.


Thursday, October 27

Water and Tooele geology


Meet: Rose Springs Elementary

5349 Insbrook Pl, Stansbury Park, 84074

Glimpse what we don’t see… why springs?

Earth systems interact: geology and hydrology; Tooele’s valley sediments, groundwater, and springs.



ADDITIONAL LINKS that may be of interest:

WAIVER... to participate in workshop... every outdoor workshop has inherent hazards. SAFETY first.

For the Wednesday October 5 session… the handout; teachers' attendance sheet... no audio files (yet).

For the Thursday, October 6 session: Ophir Canyon… tectonics past and present, here are: the handout; teachers' attendance sheet; and a list of the audio files with background information about tectonics past and present... AND the chart also links to the files.