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Here is the most recent SCHEDULE and LOCATIONS (as of 10/8/2017)


Wednesday, October 4.


Meet: Tooele School District headquarters

92 S. Lodestone Way,

Tooele, UT 84074

Physical landmarks of Tooele County Recognizing physical landmarks can reinforce a sense of direction and lead to a sense of place.

FILES  and LINKS for October 4, 2017 – Landscapes, Landforms, Landmarks – sense of direction, and sense of place


AUDIO – Excerpts from Wallace Stegner’s essay, Sense of Place – reading by G. Atwood. Source = Stegner, When the Bluebird Sings and the Lemonade Springs.

LINK – to K-12 Science Framework

LINK – to G. Atwood generalized 3-D Thinking Map for Utah’s new science approach.



Thursday, October 5

Meet: Tooele Valley Airport (Erda)

4663 N. Airport Rd, Erda, UT 84074

(at far northern end where hang gliders meet).

Extensional tectonics mean earthquakes! The distance between the Oquirrh Mountains and Stansbury Mountains is  increasing

FILES for October 5, 2017 – Tectonics and Tooele County


AUDIO – What to see from Tooele Valley Airport (Erda)

AUDIO – More about tectonics

LINK – to USGS digital version of the map we studied – Dynamic Planet

LINK – to “dance cards” produced by P. Alderman for the exercises – adapted from:





Wednesday, October 11

We’ll meet just north of Exit 84 of I-80.

Follow arrow toward Stansbury Is. We’ll be between the two railroad crossings.

Auto tour along the west-side road.

Link to audio below. CDs provided

Lake Bonneville and Great Salt Lake. Scientists study the shorelines of Tooele County for evidence of past Ice Ages and future climate changes.

FILES for October 11, 2017 – Lake Bonneville – Great Salt Lake and Tooele County


AUDIO - Brief introduction - where we meet.

AUDIO – North from where we meet to mid-island, along the west-side road. Themes: shoreline levels on the island.

AUDIO – Second section, north from mid-island to Stansbury Island Interpretive Trail parking (north end of island’s road). Lake Bonneville story.

AUDIO – South from the Interpretive Trail parking. General topics about the island and its geologic past.


Thursday, October 12

Meet: at intersection of Highway 73 and Ophir Canyon Rd. Then we will carpool with stops to Ophir.

Ophir Canyon’s magnificent anticline! Architecture of the Earth. Mountain building during dinosaur time scrunched the bedrock of Tooele County.


FILES for October 12, 2017 – Tectonics of Tooele County’s PAST… Structure of the Earth.


AUDIO-001– Awesome Tooele Tectoncs

AUDIO-002- Tectonics101-Appreciate Tooele Tectonics

AUDIO-003-Read Landscapes for Tectonics

AUDIO-004Evidence of Tectonics Past and Present

AUDIO-005-Vocab-Terms of Tectonics





Wednesday, October 18

Middle Canyon Elementary School, 751 E 1000 North, Tooele

Mining and Tooele County.

We’ll meet at Middle Canyon Elementary school and then drive up Pine Canyon to the old slag heaps.

What made Colonel Connor look for riches? Minerals are the building blocks of rocks, and of society. Fossils tell about Utah long ago.


FILES for October 18, 2017 – Mining and Tooele County



AUDIO -002-DriveUpPineCanyon









No session Thursday October 19 (UEA)




Wednesday, October 25

Meet: Stockton Town Hall parking area

18 N Johnson St, Stockton, UT 84071

Carpool and drive to fossil locale

Every Tooele place has deep history! Fossils of Soldier Canyon are evidence that what-is-now Utah used to be near the equator and at sea level. 

FILES for October 25, 2017 – Fossils and lime kilns of the Oquirrhs.







Thursday, October 26

Grantsville Cemetery


Meet: 370 W Main St


Cemeteries as heritage and science. The Grantsville cemetery is an excellent place to study different types of rocks… and appreciate local history.  

FILES for October 26, 2017 – Minerals are the building blocks of rocks – appreciate patterns.







And OCTOBER 14, 2017 is TEACHER TRILOBITE DAY… another Earth Science Outside workshop. LINK to announcement. LINK to frequently asked questions.