Earth Science Education Board of Trustees - 2008

ESE Board Officers

Clark P. Giles. ESE Board Chair. Attorney and Partner, Ray, Quinney, and Nebeker (trusts and estates). Former chair, Utah Museum of Natural History. Expertise: the law. Contributes wisdom, understanding of non-profits and maintains order at Board meetings.


Genevieve Atwood, ESE President and Chief Education Officer. Creator of courses and resource materials. Earth scientist. Former state legislator. Former State Geologist of Utah. Adjunct in UofU geography.


Don R. Mabey, ESE Vice-chair and Assistant Treasurer. Contributor to ESE resource materials. Geophysicist. Retired USGS research geophysicist and former Chief, Branch of Geophysics. Expertise: Earth science, geophysics. Contributes wisdom, team work, inspiration, remarkable support, and quality control.


Walter Layton, ESE Secretary. Principal, Bennion Elementary. Former coach and classroom teacher. Expertise: education. Contributes wisdom, perspectives of principals, enthusiasm for Earth sciences including archeology and anthropology.


Kevin K. Steiner, ESE Treasurer. Businessman. Co-president of Alsco, formerly American Linen Supply Company. Chair, Steiner Foundation. Expertise: management, business. Contributes wisdom, financial thoughts, and curiosity about Earth sciences. Beta-tests ESE products for non-Earth scientists.


ESE Board Members:

Francis H. Brown. Dean, College of Mines and Earth Science, University of Utah. Paleoanthropologist. Distinguished Professor, Department of Geology and Geophysics.

Expertise:  Earth sciences. Contributes wisdom, university perspectives. Can evaluate ESE in the context of national trends national needs.  


Sonya (Sunny) Redd, Innkeeper, La Sal, Utah. Former chair of San Juan County school board, former secondary school teacher, ski instructor, and ski school director. Expertise: non-traditional and traditional teaching. Contributes wisdom, perspectives of school boards, parents, and teachers who are not Earth scientists. Beta-tests for ESE audio products.


Alisa F. Schofield. Secondary school Earth science teacher. Experience includes: Park City High School; West High School, Salt Lake School District; and presently __________. Geologist. Member of Utah Geological Survey Board. Expertise: Earth science. Contributes wisdom, understanding of millennial learners. Beta-tests ESE school-based products.


JoAnn Seghini, Mayor, Midvale City. Former classroom teacher, television educator; former director of curriculum and staff development, Jordan School District. Expertise: social and behavioral sciences. Contributes wisdom and political savvy. Advises on school district priorities.


Former ESE Board members:

G. Frank Joklik. Exploration geologist. Former President and CEO Kennecott, Corp.

Lehi F. Hintze. Geologist. Professor emeritus BYU, retired Utah Geological Survey.

Clair F. Coleman. Engineer. Former President and CEO, Mountain Fuel Resources.

Gayen Wharton. Elementary school teacher (deceased).