Geography of Utah

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GEOGRAPHY OF UTAH -- a DRAFT web-text to support UofU Geog3600 ... and stray folks who come upon this site.

Spring 2015 -- This site may change through the course. Massive revisions are anticipated.

The purpose of this site is to provide students of Geography of Utah (a) with abundant evidence (meaning images and maps) to recognize the spatial diversity of Utah's human and physical geographies, and (b) with "Big Concepts" for content mastery.

The text has 15 themes (5 Great Themes of Geography, 5 themes of physical geography, and 5 themes of human geography) plus introductory and concluding chapters.

Students: from this page, go to web-text chapters (click above, web-text Geography of Utah). There are two ways to experience the lecture content of Geography of Utah: (a) study the web-text chapters;; (b) watch the web-lectures posted on Canvas (find them via weekly MODULES). Note: the lectures don't cover all that is here on the web... and not all chapters have video summaries.

TO others who happen on this site: Geography of Utah is a wonderful subject and I (Genevieve Atwood, Ph.D., former State Geologist of Utah) am fortuate to teach it at the Universtiy of Utah. Its text is under construction. Don't hesitate to wander in the site, it will be under construction for a while. Make suggestions on content (for example, what would you like to understand about Utah's geography, and what do you want others to understand?). Most specifically, the text needs high quality, non-copyrighted illustrations and a bunch of catchy logos. If you are someone who enjoys making logos, and will volunteer your time and imagination to Earth Science Education, please contact me, genevieveDOTatwoodATgeogDOTutahDOTedu. Earth Science Education is a tiny, not for profit, whose mission is to inspire teachers of all ages to go outside and share what they see. I'm the CEO (Chief Education Officer) of Earth Science Education and also adjunct at the University of Utah in Geography. When we help undergraduates and teachers know where they are, they learn a bit about who they are... and the world can be a more informed place, at least about Earth science.


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