ABOUT ESE (Earth Science Education’s) GEOLOGY PLACES — in Utah

For lists of those places, by county, go to the index map of Utah’s counties, identify the county of interest, click on its name… success?!

For podcasts, go to that index map and list by county, or go to RESOURCES … PODCASTS FOR PLACES

NOTE: this site is under construction… always. Some counties, such as Tooele County, have several geologic places with ESE podcasts, written material, classroom exercises. Other counties have none… but they will! Want to participate? Please share your really fine, not-copyrighted images of Utah’s geology with us by going to the “Photo Contribution” button at the bottom of all Earth Science Education webpages.

Our Goals

Earth Science Education’s mission is to encourage formal and informal teachers to go outside with their students or loved ones and share the JOY of earth science outside!

To that end, Earth Science Education creates short field opportunities. Some of these are for class experiences through the state office of education or a specific school district. Others are field experiences for informal groups such as scouts. And some others are just experiences for whomever.

If you are a teacher and would like further Utah-oriented web materials that tie to the K-12 Science Framework, perhaps you will find the section “ESE Teach Science” helpful. Not active as of 1/2019. Check back in May.