For Utah teachers
and travelers.

Audio is used to inspire the listener as they head toward Utah destinations.
Do not listen if these distract from your driving!!!!

LIST of PLACES in Davis County

ANTELOPE ISLAND – From the Visitor Center to the Garr Ranch
ANTELOPE ISLAND – All about shorelines (Shorelines 101)

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ANTELOPE ISLAND – From the Visitor Center toward Garr Ranch – SEE SHORELINES!


ANTELOPE ISLAND – From the Visitor Center to the turn off to Frary Peak – SHORELINE EVIDENCE of CLIMATE

See shoreline evidence as you drive from Antelope Island’s visitor center to the parking area at the base of Frary Peak. These podcasts are from courses we’ve taught on Antelope Island. Treat them as DRAFT… casual conversations created for teachers. This podcast only gets you part way to Garr Ranch.


Introduction to the shorelines of Great Salt Lake and Lake Bonneville on Antelope Island. Listen anywhere.