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Audio is used to inspire listeners as they head toward Utah destinations.
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Audio files (podcasts) for Davis County. Generally what to expect.

Davis County is small, particularly when its portion of Great Salt Lake doesn’t “count” toward land area. Never mind! Davis County has awesome geology. It’s bold mountain faces along the Wasatch Front juxtapose ancient bedrock, against evidence of active processes such as debris flows and earthquakes. It’s a great county where change has happened over hundreds of millions of years.

ESE (Earth Science Education’s) mission is to share the JOY of going outside and recognizing the Earth science that surrounds us.

Out primary audience is teachers, both formal and informal. The following resources are informal and have not been peer-reviewed. Their goal is to give teachers confidence to go outside and recognize patterns. Some of the podcasts listed below are a couple decades old, dictated in the 1990s. Others are fresh. Don’t hesitate to contact us… and please consider contributing great photos of Davis County’s spectacular geology. We’ll help you figure out how it came to be. (NOTE: We worked closely with Lehi F. Hintze and use his writings extensively. We encourage you to do the same: Hintze (2005) Utah’s Spectacular Geology: and how it came to be; and Hintze, L.Fl, and Kowallis (2009) Geologic History of Utah.


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