Earth Science Outside – y 2018-2019 – Via SLDistrict

General Info Session 1 — Salt Lake School District Headquarters

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Phenomenon: Even what may appear to be The Most Boring Of Places can be a fine place to go outside, (a) see patterns, (b) wonder about them, and (c) as teachers, see ways to happily connect curiosity and Earth science.

Session 1

Go outside!

Embrace Earth Science Anywhere…

Tuesday and Thursday Tracks

Meet 9 – 11 AM – Aug 7 and 9, 2018

Rm 112 – 113

Salt Lake District Headquarters

440 East 100 South

SLC, UT 84111

Some Logistics


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Course forms. These will be hard copy at class to be handed in. Teacher Information Form and Waiver.

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Where Am I?



Sense of Place

Image of Ensign Peak

Image of State Capitol

By the End of Session 1… teachers participants should …

Have their own set of plastic relief maps for the Salt Lake – Tooele quadrangles.

Should realize that even a boring looking location such as downtown Salt Lake

  • has potential for “place-based education”
  • has physical features with patterns that can invite inquiry
  • has potential for teaching the obvious (water runs downhill)
  • as well as teaching the more subtle… for water to run downhill… there has to be a “downhill.” Has “downhill” always been “downhill” here?
  • the concept of relative age applies to physical features as well as relative age of friends, family and colleagues.