Earth Science Outside – y 2018-2019- via SLDistrict

The Plan – The Vision – The Approach

GOAL: Teachers will go outside with their students and share the JOY of Earth science with competence and confidence.

Competence means: teachers recognize patterns outside… patterns of landscape and patterns of Earth materials.

Competence means: teachers share their curiosity with their students.

Competence means: teachers inspire students’ curiosity.

Competence means: teachers anticipate connections between students’ curiosity and four Earth science core ideas: tectonics, Earth materials, role of water on Earth’s surface, and history of planet Earth.

Confidence comes from experience… and from having something to share. What’s there to share? the wonder that surrounds us outside.

Also… sometimes it helps to  have a nifty tool… such as the plastic relief maps of the topography your students may recognize, and blocks that model the tectonics of Salt Lake Valley.

With respect to the K12 science framework… teachers will gain confidence with…

The FIRST of the Science and Engineering Practices: ASK QUESTIONS.

The FIRST of the Crosscutting Concepts: PATTERNS


FOUR of the Disciplinary Core Concepts:

  1. Tectonics (Session 2)
  2. Earth materials (Session 3)
  3. Role of water on Earth’s surface (Session 4)
  4. History of planet Earth (all sessions starting with Session 1, the concept of relative age).