Audio is used to inspire the listener as they head toward Utah destinations.
Do not listen if these distract from your driving!!!!

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Ways to listen:

These audios are best accessed via the SoundCloud app – see the playlists below. Often these field visits take explorers off the grid and outside cellular service. Soundcloud allows you to download the audio files OR simply enable offline listening (i.e., tracks can be played on your device without a cell or internet connection). Here’s what you need to do to take these audios out in the field:

  1. Go to Soundcloud Go to open a free account. Click on “View Plans” and select SoundCloud Free. This allows you to save tracks offline on your mobile phone.
  2. For an iPhone, go to iTunes and download the Soundcloud app here. For Android phones, go to Google Apps here. Install the *free* app on your phone.
  3. Create an account with Soundcloud – there’s no fee to do this.
  4. From the main app screen, click on the search tool button and enter Earth Science Outside. The ESE account should auto-populate as you do this. After selected, the ESE Soundcloud account will be visible.
  5. Scroll past the “Tracks” section to the “Posted Playlists” section. Find the playlist that contains the field visit that you’re interested in. The playlist will then become visible.

The Ophir Anticline

The Lakeside Mountains