Earth Science Education runs on volunteers.

Right now, what we need most are:

  • Talented designer who can help with icons for geologic history of Utah for teachers
  • Annotated photos that are not copyrighted. We’d be delighted to collaborate on the content, but really need great images of the following places:
    • Salt Lake County
      • Farnsworth Peak
      • Ensign Peak
      • Red Butte
      • Mount Olympus
      • Lone Peak
      • Traverse Range
      • Bingham Copper Mine Waste Rock
      • Great Salt Lake
      • Antelope Island (we know, it’s in Davis County)
  • Editors, at least one friendly geologist to help edit text for teachers
  • Teachers (K-8) who already teach literacy, to edit and illustrate stories already written by fellow teachers to a level they can be made public on this site. We probably have a hundred stories in draft form, ready to be worked on. JOY!