Audio is used to inspire the listener as they head toward Utah destinations.
Do not listen if these distract from your driving!!!!

REGARDING AUDIO FILES: How much time do we spend in our automobiles driving the same routes? For Utahns who live, for example, in Tooele County, it’s a couple of hours minimum each week driving to the Wasatch Front to work. We get to know the road by heart and may even take our spectacular surroundings for granted. Teachers have asked ESE to dictate audio files that explain the landscapes that we see as we’re driving by. These are DRAFT audio files. We intend to polish them… but that is for the future.

The Earth Science Education (ESE) mission is to give teachers (formal and informal) confidence to go outside and share the JOY of recognizing PATTERNS of earth science evidence. These audio files are in DRAFT form, informal, and a relatively one-way conversation about local geology in Utah in specific locations. By “local geology” we mean:

  1. Landforms, i.e., geologic features on Earth’s surface with a characteristic shape, material, and process – Tectonics rules!
  2. Earth materials, such as sediments (loose) and bedrock (firm, coherent, continuously attached to Earth’s crust such as sedimentary bedrock, metamorphic bedrock, and igneous bedrock.
  3. And processes, i.e., cause and effect, exchanges of energy, etc.

Ways to listen:

These audios are best accessed via the SoundCloud app (downloadable here). Often these field visits take explorers off the grid and outside cellular service. Soundcloud allows you to download the audio files OR simply enable offline listening (i.e., tracks can be played on your device without a cell or internet connection). Instructions for how to do that are here, and on each audio file location page.

Another Option: TravelStories!!

If you like to listen to other audios about local Earth science, ESE recommends the TravelStories app (downloadable here). It is outstanding! The content and delivery are professional and exactly what we wish our audio files will be in the near future. The company is based in Wyoming. We particularly appreciate their narrations in National and State Parks. We have not connected with them, but if you have found our site, we think you will love theirs.



  • Beaver
  • Box Elder
  • Cache
  • Carbon
  • Daggett
  • Davis
  • Duchesne
  • Emery
  • Garfield
  • Grand
  • Iron
  • Juab
  • Kane
  • Millard
  • Morgan
  • Piute
  • Rich
  • Salt Lake
  • San Juan
  • Sanpete
  • Sevier
  • Summit
  • Tooele
  • Uintah
  • Utah
  • Wasatch
  • Washington
  • Wayne
  • Weber

Awareness of PLACES

Awareness of LANDFORMS